Sausage of the Week

Here’s a nice traditional sausage with a little added bit to tickle your taste buds. We’ve combined our best prime pork with the tang of English Mustard to create a beautiful flavour. The first recorded use of mustard was found in Apicus, a Roman cook book from around the 4th Century, although it’s very likely that the Romans had been grinding mustard seeds into a paste long before then. In this case it was used as a glaze for roast boar, which isn’t very far away from our own use in these sausages. So why not get a taste of the Roman life and pick up a pound of these lovelies? You’ll get it for half price when bought with a pound of any other sausage. This is limited to one pound of half price sausages per customer.

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  1. Sausage King says:

    Another cracker! Good work Andrew!

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