Bacon Connoisseurs’ Week

Andrew with Oz ClarkeThis week is Bacon Connoisseurs’ Week, so we’ll be celebrating the very best bacon from Red Tractor farmers and bacon producers and make that a top priority. Pictured is Andrew at last year’s celebrations with Oz Clarke, a well known lover of British Bacon.

We have recently won some more awards, one of which was Gold for our new bacon, Smoked Streaky Saddleback, this is another great year! We’ve won awards the last two years but it’s great to win for something new. We want to share this with our customers, so we will be having taster sessions on Friday 23rd and Saturday 24th March between 10:00am and 12:00pm, to help our customers understand Bacon a little bit better. We’d love for you to come along as well!

Our meat is locally sourced from Blythburgh Real free range pork, Helping to keep that carbon footprint down and supporting Red tractor farmers!

British Bacon is part of our national heritage; there are records of the Romans salting sides of bacon as early as 200BC and Julius Caesar brought his own bacon with him when he landed in ancient Britain in 55BC To save one’s bacon ‐ indicates that a situation has been rescued. This has little to do with the bacon that was brought home; rather the word here could derive from Baec which is Old Dutch and Anglo‐Saxon for “back”.

However, like many sayings, there are other suggestions as to the origin. The most likely of these is that, in the
early 17th century, “bacon” was thieves’ slang for “escape”. Alternatively, Brewer suggests it may mean the sides of home‐killed bacon that every peasant family would have hanging up in the house; this would have been valuable property and if you or somebody else “saved your bacon” from fire or theft you would have had a narrow escape.

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