Free range pork sausages

Our sausages have been voted some of the best in the country, by our peers. They are made using Blythburgh Free Range Pork, natural herbs, spices and natural skins, and conform to the latest government low salt targets. Our sausages are all tied by hand by one of our experienced sausage makers. Our sausages will always remain succulent when cooked, with a minimum of shrinkage and will be bursting with delicious flavours. Whether you prefer a plain sausage or one with a herby taste or maybe a hot Jalapeno, there is something for everyone.

We have studied many old recipe books and listened to sausage making friends, and have been prepared to experiment and think outside the box with great success – our latest success being the Newark Christmas Primestock Show competition, which we won and qualified for the 2011 prestigious Champion of Champions Sausage competition with our new Pork with White Wine and Lemon Thyme. Also, Megan Edmonds, daughter of Bradwell Butchery owner Andrew, qualified for a second time (one up on Dad!) with her new sausage, Pork with Sage & Apple when she won the 2010 BEPEX East of England young sausage maker.

We did not start out with the intention of making 50 varieties of sausage, but when you make something new and it tastes sublime, it’s hard not to make it again, each one being unique. Every week we have one of our superb sausages as 'sausage of the week', you receive 100 loyalty points (worth £1) when you buy 1lb of sausage of the week & any other sausage (offer limited to 100 points per customer). Our recipes are both individual and unique, so come along and see for yourself and try our delicious sausages.


Pork sausages

Best Pork

Ordinary Pork



Smoke Traditional

Megans Traditional Twist


Cumberland Wheel


Andys Pork & Herb

Old English Herb

Norfolk Mardlar

Suffolk Spicy

Pork & Apple

Sage & Apple

Pork & Tomato

Tomato & Black Pepper

Pork & Chive

Pork, Stilton & Chive

Lemon & Fennel

Orange & Ginger

Cider & Leek

Spicy Garlic

Tropical Tanna

Pork & Mustard

Hot & Spicy

Bradwell Bomber (Chilli)

Jalapeño (Hot!)

(South African)


Pork, White Wine &
lemon thyme

Chicken sausages

Chicken Sausage

Beef sausages

Beef Sausage

Beef & Pork

Beef & Tomato

Beef, Beer & Horse Radish

Venison sausages

Venison in Red Wine

Venison & Pork
in Red Wine

Lamb sausages

Lamb & Rosemary

Lamb & Mint

Spicy Lamb

Lamb Curry

Mediterranean Lamb

Special diet sausages

Gluten Free

Gluten & Preservative Free

Low Fat


Beef Burger

Premium Burger

Beef Steak Burger

Pork & Apple Burger

Lamb Kebab Burger

Chicken Burger

Veggie Burger

Free range
Blythburgh pork

We're proud to sell Blythburgh free range pork.

Cattle grazing

Quality local beef

Succulent and tender Norfolk
and Suffolk sourced beef.

Sutton Hoo free range chickens

Free range chickens

Stockists of Sutton Hoo free range chickens.

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