Rack of Lamb with vegetables

Our lambs are from flocks in Norfolk and Suffolk and are of mixed breeds. They are brought up with their mothers and feed on the lush mash and sustainable grasslands throughout the summer months. In winter their diet is supplemented by sugar beet tops, root vegetables and some cereal. Lamb must be finished well and have a good covering of fat, but not too much. This is vital in the cooking process to give you that tender, tasty and sweetest of meats every time.

lamb chops

Our knowledgeable butchers use both modern and traditional cutting techniques, boning and rolling legs and shoulder or stuffing and marinating other cuts. Lamb is quick to cook and very versatile. It is perfect for cooking rare or well done. It is often the highlight of many cookery programmes, where chefs prepare mouthwatering dishes. So if you have any special requirements, please ask our experienced butchers and they will be happy to advise and cut to your needs – we are all here to ensure that you, the customer, get the best from these delicious local lambs.

Roasting Joints

Whole or Half Leg

Boneless Rolled Leg

Boneless Butterfly Leg

Whole or Half Shoulder

Rolled Shoulder

Rolled & Stuffed Shoulder

Boneless Saddle

Rack of Lamb


Lamb Shank

Steaks & Chops

Loin Chops

Best End Neck Chops

Chump Chops

Leg Steaks

Lamb Noisette

Stuffed Noisette

Neck Fillets

Lean Diced Lamb

Lamb Mince

Lamb Kofta Kebabs

lambs grazing

Locally sourced lamb

We're proud to sell some of the finest lamb that Suffolk and Norfolk has to offer.

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