Blythburgh free range pork

We use Blythburgh Free Range Pork from the Suffolk coast; the pigs are bred and reared living their whole life outdoors to produce healthy and happy animals which are outstanding in flavour and tenderness. This outdoor living is paramount for that old fashioned full flavoured tasty pork. The pigs are able to roam and root about as they would do naturally in the wild, unlike more intensive farming methods where the pigs are kept on solid floors. This does however add a cost to the production, but we do feel it is well worth it, as the pigs get a much more natural life outside, and we, in turn, get better tasting pork.

Over the years we have used this to our advantage creating lots of innovative products, winning many NATIONAL AWARDS for our pies, home cured bacon, gammons, hams and Champion Sausages. So if you are a real foodie and want to try some of our FAMOUS SAUSAGES, or you love the delicious smell and taste of REAL BACON, come and try one of our award winners - you simply haven’t lived till you’ve tasted them!

Assortment of meat

Chops & Steaks

Pork Tenderloin

Stuffed Tenderloin

Loin Chops

Boneless Loin
Valentine Steaks

Shoulder Chops
(spare rib chops)

Boneless Shoulder Steaks

Belly Slices

Pork Ribs

Pork Kebabs

Lean Diced Pork

Pork Mince

Roasting Joints

Boneless Rolled Leg

Boneless Rolled Shoulder

Loin on the bone

Boneless Rolled Loin

Boneless stuffed Loin

Belly Joint

Marinated Ribs

Marinated Spare Rib Chops

Marinated Kebabs

Pork Schnitzels

Pork Cordon Bleu

Stuffed Tenderloin

Pork Stir Fry with S/F Veg

Meat Balls in Sauces






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