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The quality of our beef is outstanding. Cattle spend two summers eating the lush local mash vegetation, letting them grow slowly and naturally stress free. They are brought inside for finishing, where they are free to roam in open barns and fed on a mixture of hay, root vegetables, barley and other cereals giving the beef time to fully mature and gain a good covering of fat and a little marbling. This is important to keep the meat sweet and tender during the cooking.

All our prime beef cuts are hung in the traditional manner to mature for added tenderness and flavour for a minimum of 21 days. Each week we display above the meat counter the animal’s passport details, which shows the breed and sex, date of birth and which farm it was reared on, giving the customer the confidence and full trackability of our succulent, tender and tasty Norfolk/Suffolk beef.

Roasted joint of beef with carrots

Roasting Joints

Rolled Sirloin

Rib on the Bone

Rolled Rib



Slow Roasting Joints

Brisket on the Bone

Rolled Brisket

Rolled Blade

Rond of Beef


Best Braising Steak
(very lean)

Diced Braising
(very lean)

Chuck/Blade Steak



Best Mince Steak
(very lean)

Ordinary Beef Mince

Grilling and
Frying Steaks

T-Bone Steak

Fillet Steak

Sirloin Steak

Rump Steak

Rib-Eye Steak

Beef Stir Fry with S/F Veg.




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