crispy bacon

When it comes to Bacon, Gammons and Hams WE EXCEL. We have always wanted to produce the best of the best. We have worked hard perfecting our recipes and in doing so we have won many Top National Awards, see awards page.

It has always been our dream to produce everything we sell, giving us our individuality and uniqueness that others can’t touch, and giving us great satisfaction and pride.

All our bacon pigs are specially selected, slightly larger in size and carrying a good cover of fat. These are all boned by our trained butchers; the shoulders will be used for sausage or pork pies, the loins and belly for bacon and the legs for hams.

We now produce two varieties of Free Range Dry Cured Bacon, one with Organic Beer and Black Treacle, which won 2010 BACON CONNOISSEURS’ NATIONAL COMPETITION, and recently one with Tomato and Basil which has just won this year’s BACON CONNOISSEURS’ NATIONAL COMPETITION 2011 for the Independent Retailer.

Our traditional Smoked and Unsmoked Bacon have all won awards and are produced in the old-fashioned manner, then hung to dry and matured for up to seven days, unlike modern factory produced bacon which does not get this hanging and maturing period, as factories wish to keep as much moisture (water) in the product as they can.

Honey glazed ham

Andrew said “Bacon, I have to admit, has still got to be my most favourite meat, just the smell of it cooking can make you salivate in anticipation of the wonderful taste to come, so don’t put up with second best - come and try the BEST!”

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